Graaf Willem II-VAC is looking for innovative trainer/coaches

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GWII-VAC is a blooming club with close to a 1000 youth members. The club has a clear structure and ambition, described in The Technical Youth Plan (Dutch).

GW puts the individual training of players at the forefront and it is looking for football tutors with a keen eye for development of individual players and with a talent for teaching to play an offensive style of football. Attack on the opponent’s goal is the goal with ball possession and attack on the ball is the goal in ball loss.

We have chosen to educate our players in the school of thought of the late Johan Cruyff (and his pupil Guardiola). We believe that you can best train the youth according to the teachings of Wiel Coerver (René Meulensteen) and let them play and train according to the philosophy of Johan Cruijff. We’re looking for trainers that adhere to the principles of the original Dutch School of football and who want to develop themselves and their pupils accordingly.

Principles like:

3rd man | creating and utilize 1vs1 | 3second rule | deep before wide | forward defence | superiority (creating an extra player) | creating space | zonal compactness | playing with right and left foot | thinking ahead.

Being in possession of your TC III, tuition by Team Jonk, Wiel Coerver and experience as a trainer or player for a professional club, are considered to be an extra asset. But it is essential for you to have experience in football and in coaching football teams. You also need to understand what The Dutch School of football entails.

GW offers a rewarding position at an ambitious club with a rich history. We are offering a contract for the duration of one season with a fitting compensation. We also invest in training and coaching education programs, so please feel free to ask about the possibilities to enrol.

For those that adhere to the principles of The Dutch school of football (demonstrated by the Dutch team at the 1974 World Championships): please send your resume with a brief description of yourself and your football experience to Olaf Schauten (Head of Technical Youth GW) at


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